Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 2017 Oct numbers

Does anyone have the numbers? Trying to workout target price.

Many thanks.

2017 Grand Cherokee SRT

24/10K: 59% residual, .00137 MF
36/10K: 55% residual, .00176 MF

with 13% off MSRP it comes to $1,090/month for a $66K car. That is a horrible deal…

It’s an amazing vehicle, but it’s probably cheaper to finance it.

If you do decide to lease, run the numbers for 24 months and 36 months. Depending on the MSRP of the one you want and the sale price you can get, 24 months may end up with a lower payment.

Yeah, thanks guys, car really not worth that.Seems Jeeps lease really badly.

I wouldn’t say all Jeeps lease that badly, just the ones with a massive 6.4L V8.

Other trims likely have a lower MF, and you may get a better rate if you lease through Ally or US Bank.

Well my initial look at the GC’s seemed like they are expensive. A $52k Jeep was nearly $700 a month which is just crazy when a GMC Acadia Denali is going for $400. Perhaps I just go the wrong dealer.

Part of the issue finding deals on Chrysler vehicles is that they sometimes offer extra bonus cash if you lease through somewhere other than Chrysler Financial. And it’s not always clear what the residual and MF will be with those other lenders.

For example, right now Edmunds has listed $3250 in bonus cash available on the Grand Cherokee Overland 4x4, but it does not apply to leases run through Chrysler.

My local dealer had Jeep Limited with 42900 MSRP running for 290 a month with zero down. Upfront was bank fee of 995, first month, tax, and dmv. However, its with 7500 miles a year. For 10k a year 25 more a month. You had to qualify for conquest or loyalty of 1000 though. Again, it was a program through another bank. Salesman told me car is 1500 under invoice, plus 3500 IDL bonus cash, and 1000 loyalty. There was another rebate for 1000 too just dont remember it. So based on those i still felt they could do better but they refused to show residual and mf. I decided to wait but i think it was a good deal, not great but decent. It was 425 if i rolled everything in except first month and dmv.

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I leased RAM 1500 Big Horn Ecodiesel 53k MSRP for 290 a month (10k/36) via USBANK. So yes, leasing via USBANK is better than FCA (Chrysler).

The Ram is a great deal. The Jeep deal you posted is not good. Thats just my opinion though.

Yes the Jeep GC LTD is right at 1% (SP 35459 and monthy 359), so it is not bad, The problem with Jeep is I cannot find any advertised lease deals on Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT which is at 77k MSRP (most leases are for Jeeps at half the MSRP). So I am very doubtful that a leasehack is possible on JGC SRT. If soemone really wants an SRT (which has a 6.4L engine) then they need a 6.4L wallet too :slight_smile:

Haha i agree. I mean they drop in price pretty quick once they off the dealer lot. So the low residual does hurt. MF is a factor as well.

The SRT is priced like a sports car because it really is in a class of it’s own with that much power. It’s mostly aimed towards enthusiasts.

I used to drive an 04 Jeep GC with a 4.7L Hemi V8 and that was an absolute beast. 6.4L is just overkill if you are looking for a regular SUV.

how did you do this? i really want the rebel but would absolutely take the deal you got!

The big horn hemi can be had for 220 a month in conjunction with edmunds $1000 rebate. Check my earlier post.

Class of its own? X5 50i is a 4.4 TT V8 with and underrated 445hp.

Good point actually, and that’s even more reason as to why it’s priced so high.