Jeep Grand Cherokee Safety

Hi Guys,

A quick question regarding the safety of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave Grand Cherokee models equipped with rear-wheel drive an overall safety rating of four out of five stars. The vehicle received four stars in the frontal crash test, five stars in the side crash test, and three stars in the rollover test

How much of a concern is this and are people really shying away from the lease of these cars coz of this safety ratings

There is a really loud group of people that makes decisions this way, while others are rational about the odds of having a serious accident/dying in a fiery car crash.

This is not a data point I consider at all when choosing a vehicle, because the actual risks associated with driving a modern vehicle are very, very small.

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Just the rear wheel drive?

This guy scares he heebeegeebees outta me - esp with his last comment

My wife and myself both really like the GC but the crash test results admittedly gave us pause.

But if you have the information to mitigate that risk, no matter how small, why wouldn’t you do so?

What is so rational about not considering safety data?


Because life is full of horrific potential outcomes, and there are probably ways to reduce the risk of nearly all of them if that’s how you want to spend your time.

I also don’t buy lotto tickets.

There are minimum safety standards that all new cars sold in the US must meet.

I don’t know what the least safe new car in America is, but I’ll likely never have one.

And if I did, the odds of being among the 1.25 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles would still be almost zero.

That last statement is everyone’s cue to start discussing how death isn’t the only bad outcome. Go.

I bet you have 0 risk assessment skills but for some reason you like to talk about it…
The reality is that there are similar cars at better prices so your rant about safety is hugely misplaced. If it doesn’t cost you anything why the hell would you not take the safer option?

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Based on what?

The original poster wasn’t asking if there were better vehicles at lower prices. S/he asked about people shying away from certain models because of crash test ratings.

Are you saying your interpretation of the first post was “how many people interested in the Jeep are choosing not to get a new vehicle at all due to jeep safety ratings” and not “how many people are choosing to lease a competing product instead of.the jeep because of jeep safety ratings”?

Guys - it’s ok please don’t argue.

All I was asking was are people choosing not to lease the Jeep because of the safety concerns?

The guy on the video seemed to indicate that we couldn’t get one coz of it

I would imagine that there are people that are choosing to not consider a Jeep because of safety issues.

I personally don’t consider one because I’ve looked at a few at the dealer that had switches and such falling out of the dash, check engine lights on, etc. Stuff that is completely unacceptable on a new car. The level of perceived quality isn’t there for me.

I’m sure some people are.

My point wasn’t that you shouldn’t consider this factor, my point is that I wouldn’t.

fwiw, I’ve had three Grand Cherokees and I didn’t die in any of them.

One had a couple of door dings when I sold it, though. So caveat emptor.

Thank you all