Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 Questions

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Hey guys, I am a longtime lurker but never actually posted anything. I have always leased in the past, and I actually have done some swaps on here. My question is on a purchase for my father in law. I have a sticker here and a verbal deal, and was wondering if anyone had any current thoughts for getting the price down. Any help would be appreciated! Current sticker price is $43,915 and my offer (without taxes, title, fees) is $39,500.

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What incentives are rolled into that sales price?

The salesman didnt say. It was on the phone. He just said “based on current offers, this is where we can get you”. I can find out more details tomorrow.

You should always independently verify incentives prior to talking to the dealer. Further, you should work out exactly what your target deal is based on the current programs and comparable pre-incentive discounts.


Call me cray cray but spending $40k + TTL on a dinosaur sounds batshit


Like @mllcb42 said we need to know incentives. Right now I see incentives that could easily make that look great, but if they were removed, the discount is actually pretty poor. If you let us know what incentives are included in that, we can provide genuine feedback.

To add some extra context, I think there is $3,250 in cash on this, and if that is the case, your discount is bad. I could easily offer you a discount of double that (pre-incentive) on the same car (if you really do want to buy one).

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Push harder. I have a 2020 Limited X with 5.7L Hemi V8 & all options (GA). Sticker was $57k+, got it for $43k. Payment is close to $500. They will move. Jeep’s don’t generally lease out well & the only way to win is belt squeezing them on price. I’ve had 5 of these - I know.

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It’s pretty irrelevant tho without knowing the particulars of your deal, how much of that is pre-incentive? I’ve seen GC’s lease out very well in the Northeast Region. They’re not bad right now as it is.

My point was push on price/incentives because Jeep GC MFs & residuals never that great.

This is what I am qualifying for. $3,250, plus an extra $1,000.

Will PM you

Always something nice to say about Grand Cherokees …did one run over your foot somewhere ???

No but this guy didn’t do too well.

It’s a car, don’t take its criticisms personally.

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Is this even available on a lease? Or is it only on a purchase? Find out the incentives from Edmunds

That’s on a buy, but he is looking to buy.

Hah what a dummy.


The GC is old for a reason. Because people love it and buy a shit ton of them. If the market demanded a new model you would have had one sooner. It’s also why the new model won’t be a radical departure. Don’t fix what ain’t broke.

FCA is a circus but Jeep keeps the lights on and helps (with RAM) to fund the myriad bad choices they make.