Jeep Grand Cherokee L (Laredo)


I don’t have the specifics at the time but how ugly does this deal look in today’s market? I honestly think this quote is disgusting and the sad part is its coming from a broker but maybe I am wrong and this is an accurate deal in market.

What do you guys think?

Who tf would pay $700+ for a base GCL?


Kind of ridiculous. I haven’t even been to a dealer yet and I feel like they wouldn’t even quote me prices like this.

Broker deals here are under $500/month with $1k… gotta order though. This is terrible.


That’s close to what the payments will look like on a 70k summit reserve with some brokers.

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The old body style at that, lmao

The gcl didn’t come in the old body style…

oops completely missed the L, just saw 2021 and assumed it was the old body😆

Sheesh. What’s a price for an L Laredo these days monthly? I’m trying to get something without order in the low 400’s if possible. You know if that’s realistic?

no it isnt. but that pricing is terrible.

Yes, You can Nissan Sentra from from @aronchi .
You asked for something… :stuck_out_tongue:

i have stock grand cherokee L’s too i believe.

Upss… I am taking this back

What does pricing look like in terms of 10k/36M for a Laredo?

text me tmrw 7327792587

Thanks will do

SR will be close to 1k a month so I didn’t mean it literally but go with @aronchi he’s great and you won’t get taken for a ride.

Why tf would anyone pay that much for a SR either?

A sign and drive with 10% off msrp and NY tax is about $850/month. Hence close to 1k.

I haven’t seen any dealer doing 10% off MSRP on an in-stock but if you do please share