Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude 2020 4x4 Lease Question


Was quoted for the following 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude today? Was wondering if this was worth pulling the trigger on. Here’s the info I have, I understand it’s not a lot to work with, and I am located in New York.

MSRP: $43,425.00

Taxes, fees, first month payment: $2,400.00
Monthly payment: $369.00
Term: 39 months

$420 all in isn’t terrible at all. But whats the annual mileage? and bear in mind you’ll be 3 months out of warranty at the end and chryslers really aren’t reliable

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I just purchase one with MSRP43425$. 39 months 394/ month $900 out of pocket

Yeh no way u financed one at 39m for <400

Where did you get this Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude?


Recommend checking link to get the MF and RV for your zip code.

MF RV basically foundation formula for the calculator.

Did you end up getting the Altitude? If so what MF/RV did you get? In same area as you. Thanks

This seems like an insane deal. What mileage per year?

I had a 2011 with 18k miles 37th month. Water pump and rack and pinion took a shit. They didnt want to cover it. I just cleaned it up and gave it right back. Screw them and their stupid 39 months. Just to tipw you into extended warranties.