Jeep GC Windshield Wiper Issues opinions?

So my windshield wipers came out of place as i was driving in the snow yesterday. The drivers side goes past the windshield and passenger one seems out of place as well. Called dealer and asked to come in and asked if its under warranty. He said if it is due to the snow it is not covered. I said am i not supposed to drive the car in the snow? Either way going there tomorrow and asking on opinions on how to challenge it. I think it should be covered under warranty as it was operating it under normal wintery conditions. Again, he said it could be a simple fix and cost half an hour of labor about 80 bucks. Appreciate any feedback or opinions.

Just bumping this …

Jeep: Trail rated, but not snow rated.

I like that. Cant say it was false advertisement after all. Just trying to see how i can work around this.

I have a loaded MY17 and never had this problem. Did you try going to a different dealer and explaining the problem without mentioning the snow. I would think it should be covered under warranty.

Thats a good point. I have a 16 and 17. No issues with the 17 at all. Is just the time of running around but i guess i will try to take it to another dealer. I assume they dont pull records from other dealers?