Jeep GC TrailHawk whats off here?

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2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee TrailHawk
MSRP: $50,125
Invoice: $48,027
sell price: $44,665 (7% under invoice with Affiliate Rewards)
Incentives: -$6,500 (includes $1,000 conquest)
Doc.: $300
RV: 52%
MF: .00069
NJ tax %6.625
NJ tags $400

I’m good with price, but that money factor seems to be inflated no?

MF seems marked up. According to Edmunds it should be .00027 if Using Chrysler Capital. Check to see which bank they are using.

I see, that’s better.

Has to be Chrysler, (they wouldn’t say) Other banks would have extra $250 incentive from IDL.
Waiting on Truecar and Golden Ticket, that should be extra $1,000 off.

What’s per month?

Care to shed light in affiliate rewards? I have a 1% under invoice with my work and was told it doesnt really help but curious if I may be missing others?

with $0 DAS as quoted.

Allows you to buy 1% under invoice and kicks back 2% to the dealer to put them 1% over invoice.

You should be able to get 1-2% extra with affiliate rewards. (If the dealer is willing, they don’t have to participate if they don’t want to)

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Do you have a source for this? I believe you and it makes sense. I’m just looking for something that I can show a dealer/salesman.

I’ve asked several dealerships to explain to me the details of the affiliate program and none of them would give me a straight answer. Half of them don’t even know what it is. Koons group told me they give a flat $500 for it.

I only learned about it maybe 8 months ago when I started researching to buy my JLU wrangler. I don’t have anything official stating that but there are numerous dealer sources stating that they do get 2% kick back. Most dealers split the difference and offer 1%.

Last I heard Koons offers $250 for it but their doc fee is very high at $700 IIRC. and they offer 5% under invoice. There are dealers offering 6-7% under with $300 doc. Just depends on how far out of your way you want to travel for that extra $.

I got Affiliate Rewards thru Tread Lightly by donating $100.

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Does anyone know how programs changed for Grand Cherokee compared to last month?

You got any recommendations for dealers going 5-6% under? Having a hard time finding any who are willing to go that low?

Where in NJ was this at I’m trying to find a dealer that will play ball too

Lowest you’ll find in NJ is invoice - holdback which is 3% under invoice.

6-7% under is MD dealer, but they only use Chrysler for leasing.