Jeep GC Overland Oregon lease deal for newbie leaser

New to leasing!

Am presented with this Oregon deal…

MSRP: 75,655
LEV %: 53
Initial cap cost: 71,175
Lease end value: 40,097
Term: 36
Lease factor: .00184
Rebate: 10,500
Cash down: 3,999
Adjusted cap cost: 56,676
Base monthly rental: 638.58

Basically seems like I’m getting a $4,500 price reduction, then the $10,500 tax credit as a rebate. Only scores in the 7’s on the calculator. Curious how to get closer to 10, as the others have. Not immediately necessary to do this deal, so I can be more deliberate. Thanks for your thoughts…

First step is to go after a base model, not an overland

Understood…want some of the safety features in the Overland. Live in an area with a lot of pedestrians/cyclists, tough for me re night vision. I know I could do better with a Base.

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I own a 2017 Summit, appreciate the air suspension.

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would you mind share your Oregon dealer info to me? my Girlfriend is in Oregon, I’d love to get her a similar one. I saw most of people get 10% off + 12500 rebate on a GC 4xe model.

Sure, but the price difference between one and the other for leasing is significant.

I prefer the trail hawk, but the difference between the two is around $150-$170 a month. Not because the price difference but because of the rebates available.

Oh, to answer your question, that’s a terrible deal.

Don’t put any cash down on a lease. Run the numbers with zero down to find what you’re actually paying per month (you’re essentially just prepaying on rent.)

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Thanks, easy to do re the down payment. Can you share the components that you would change?

The base with lux tech II is well equipped and will get you the best lease payment but the overland is just really nice in its own way so if you want something nicer with more equipment then get what you want dont settle for something less and have buyers remorse.

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