Jeep GC High Altitude 485 700 DAS 39 Months


Ok finally picked up the car. Its such a great suv. While, I know I could wait and maybe have a deal closer to 450, in the end decided to move on it after talking to this saleswoman from PA reccomended by one of the members here. She was just great. Very wonderful person. In addition, was tired of dealing with some of the dealers via the phone and email. I am suprised they still use same tactics and I assume it still works. Inventory is getting better and I truly believe some hacker deals will happen on these Grand Cherookes. So if you can wait might work out better.

MSRP 53,730
Sales Price 51,000, under invoice so I was ok with it.
Residual 49% and MF was .0009
Fees not sure to tell you the truth not gonna look at it now
Rebates were 11,750. Some people gotten 12,250 but thats what was available for my zip confirmed by many dealers. Need GC loyalty.
Term was 39 months and 10k a year.
Monthly Payment is 485 a month.
Total Drive offs were 700.


If it’s actually $1,000 under invoice then the monthly should actually be lower depending on what bank they are running it through. They might be telling you $1,000 under invoice but probably realistically closer to invoice.

Returning Grand Cherokee lease makes a huge difference, literally an extra $3,000 in rebates if your coming out of a grand cherokee versus a regular jeep product.

Going through indirect lender there is about $11,500 in rebates including the grand cherokee loyalty which is why these are such a good deal right now.

Good luck explaining this stuff to the salesmen or Finance Managers that have very strong demand so far. Price is not the best and certainly not bottom dollar. Yeah, 11,500 if you get the IDL bonus cash. Again, but it is the strongest price i have recieved so far. Its about 1000 more than one of the brokers here. If you need a car and need to close soon this is a decent deal. Again, just trying to help someone in LI area. If nobody wants it so be it.

Ok so been trying to hunt a Jeep GC Overland or High Altitude since last month. Rebates are great but dealers are even more hesitant to discount it. Got an Overland for my friend at 448 a month with just first month and DMV as drive offs last month but for myself color choices are not there and also inventory seems tight. A dealer i spoke with said they only had 70 cars in total for sale. Another one refused to go below invoice. Seems like all LI dealers on same program, not going below invoice this month. I was told they should get more inventory end of month.

Has anyone heard any news on inventory replinishments?

US Bank had 50% residual this month for 36 months and MF was very low, like .009 or so. Does anyone know any other bank programs for this car? What are residuals or MF?

I believe i am on waitlist with a broker here but seems like even brokers having tough time getting new inventory.

I’m also on the hunt for one for my cousin. He’s focusing on a V8 HA which is hard enough to find, and the deals are pretty bad all around. Might just have to bite the bullet and pull the trigger on the best of the worst.


@Jon i dont understand why you combined them. I ask two different questions in the new topic. I would prefer they stay separate. When I get full contract when I meed with my friend will update this with actual numbers. However, the other topic should stay separate.

Not every question needs it’s own thread. If questions are related to the same vehicle, they can be asked in the same thread.

@Jon i been a member of this forum a long time and here you are wrong. One topic i am offering a deal to someone if they were interested. Second topic i am asking relevant questions that i would like to collect some data points. It is not the same thread. Otherwise you have to put together all myriad bmw threads or for other cars here. If you want to close this thread then fine but the topic i opened today had a whole different purpose and you burying it in other topics defeats the purpose.

I’m not burying anything. Are they both not about “Jeep GC Overland in Long Island NY”?

No. One i tried to offer a deal for anyone in the forum that i had available. Second post I was trying to build some information for a deal for myself. Again, if you want to delete that June post fine. However, i would prefer the post for July should remain separate. Both had a different purpose even if it was the same car.

Good luck with that, V8 HA is impossible to find right now. I’ve been trying to replace my X3 with the HA but no one has them in stock right now.

There’s a few dealers on LI with some in stock.

Inventory is moving quick. So what is listed you might not find it once you get there.

I just had a dealer try to pawn off one at invoive for a demo vehicle. Telling me but you getting all these rebates. They something else for sure.

Hey @NY13 @jay3 , I am hunting for a Limited X, spoke to couple of dealers (Star, Bayside, Hunninton) best deal so far I got is Hunnington selling $200 over invoice but marked up the MF a little (0.00043) and RV at 52%. This is through Chrysler Cap. With $0 down and only taxes and DMV up front I am looking at $517. or $500 if they give be base rate MF (0.00019). Should I pull the trigger? Any other dealers you recommend I hit?

@NY13 I agree with your point above regarding inventory moving quick, STAR JEEP told me they are not discounting any cars below invoice because they are moving so fast there is no need for additional discount. :frowning:

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Well forget Star Jeep. They even hide rebates and being in a poorer community those guys really stick it to the consumer. They tried to keep 3000 in rebates from the quote they gave me and insisted I was wrong.

First what rebates do you qualify for? Limited X, I assume its 48k msrp or so? I have another dealer that you can touch base with but in LI even selling at Invoice is considered a “good deal” in these times. I have another dealer in LI that I know, and one in PA a leasehacker put me in touch with. I will send you info via DM.

How much do you want this car versus how much do you need this car? That is an important question. Also do you need it now or can you wait? I think inventory issues will improve and perhaps you won’t have to settle for an over invoice and marked up money factor deal.

As far as any other dealers to call on, I recommend you reach out to all who have the car you want in stock. The number quoted to you iseffectively ~$550 with tax included (most of us like to roll in taxes). Don’t know the MSRP of the car and what rebates you qualify for, so it is hard to say whether it is a decent enough deal to take the plunge.

Have you seen anything that points to inventory improving? I see a few cars being on transit on Jeep Website but programs might change. And the Overland or High Altitude extra rebate might go away too. Just curiously asking.

Programs changing is always a risk. In a normal inventory environment, are the deals on these cars better than they are today? That is a question I don’t know the answer to because I am not familiar with these cars. Also I am not familiar with typical rebates that are offered. That is for the buyer to decide based on research.

If you think that improved inventory coupled with possibly reduced rebates will be disadvantageous towards the bottom line, then the answer to the question is to move forward on a deal now.

Agreed. Even in a normal environment with lower rebates and FCA volume bonuses Overlands will be in this range. Limited X could be in this range as well as for some reason it is very popular to people looking for Grand Cherooke.