Jeep GC 4xe - is 10% off MSRP attainable?


Curious if it’s possible to get 10% off MSRP before incentives on a Jeep GC 4xe base in this market. Saw a couple posts that had 10% or more but all seem like “unicorn deals”.

Where are my MA hackers??! !


Its possible. Can be a challenge, eapecially on an inventory unit.

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It’s possible but you have to know what to look for and when. I got mine for 10% discount without affiliate. There were a couple main reasons for that. First was it was a 2022 model in March of 2023 that had been on the lot for what was going on 5 months. Second was the dealership was clearly in need of a few more end of the month/quarter sales. I signed for my GC on March 31st but had been working the deal with them since the beginning of March.

Some others on this forum pointed out that the red color of my GC was less likely to sell, and maybe helped the dealership give me a better discount since it was a harder color to get rid of. Not sure if that’s true or not, just throwing it out there.

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Thanks man.

Not happening up here with my dealer.

Some dealers may have aged 22s left

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There’s been at least one member in Indiana I believe. It’s effectively possible as well. My official “discount” was only 8.9% off but it was augmented by the dealer paying or waiving certain taxes and fees.


Mike - great to get your perspective! Are GC Limited or L limited any better?

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