Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk 4x4 - $36,530MSRP -> $269

36 months/15k miles → nice combo of low MF, nice incentives, and good residual. Tulsa, OK

I gave up on the calculator. Lol. But I think the score is around 11.

Decided last weekend to get my wife a new car. Never leases before. Found this forum and took it all in. Used Edmunds. Researched like crazy. I feel pretty good about the deal. They have two more if anyone else wants to join in. If it’s “meh”, then let me down gently.

Attachments tell the story. Been going back and forth a couple days. Sales manager was a good dude. It was actually really enjoyable. We haggled, but had fun and never got negative. Needed 15k miles, so that made it a little harder.

The full sales tax up front kinda sucks, but I can deal. Still works out. We were constrained on monthly payment.

I also want to thank this forum. The calculator, and everyone who contributes to make it possible for newbies like me to quickly learn.

the sheet is a little unclear. Did you pay $1861 at signing?

Yes. But that’s because Oklahoma law sucks and requires tax on full price on a lease. So I pay that plus $500.