Jeep Cherokee limited - Got an offer

Vehicle: 2019 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 Limited. Includes Navi, panoramic sunroof, blindspot sensor, V6.
Msrp: $38,430
DAS: $0 everything rolled in besides DMV (give or take $100)
Term: 42 months
Payment: $359
Miles: 10k
Dealer said 42 months have better incentives plus you can turn the car in 6 months early and they’ll take care of the remaining payments. What does everyone think?

You play with the calculator on jeep’s site at all, you need more details for this deal to be evaluated. Just did this on their site. I wouldn’t go 42 mo on an FCA product that only has full warranty for 36 mo and them telling you they can pull you out early is BS. Below is plus tax of course

Incentives are usually the same regardless of term, so that seems like a lie. Turning it in 6 months early is a massive lie and should set off HUGE red flags for you

Well they also did quote me at $389 for the 36 months and $0 down. This is my first stop, I’ll be heading to over dealerships on Monday to see how they all compare.

I’m shopping the exact same vehicle, same MSRP in Philly/19106.

3 dealerships later best quote I’ve seen is $365 42/12k and $385 36/12k all tax title tags rolled in. I’m going to get serious this week and stop in for a sign and drive price.

No ones given me a real worksheet to see how they’re making up this number, based on the information they have provided the numbers don’t quite add up.

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I wouldn’t head to any dealerships until you have multiple quotes, in general the trailhawk and limited lease best. Have the deal locked down and negotiated before stepping for in a dealership

I got a PM on dealership - the best quote I’ve gotten was via email from Reedman Toll Jeep in Springfield working with Len/Isaiah.