Jeep 4XE Lease Check

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Northeast lease on Jeep GC 4XE.

Only money down should be first month payment but the paperwork looks like they are asking me to put down the EV tax credit…

Can anyone do a sanity check on this please?

Specifically, #4 says $35,865 due for lease payments but #6G shows $26,326.

Terms should be only first month down, 36/12 at $776/month which includes tax.


The rebate gets applied upfront, as it should be. Beyond that, it’s $776 cash due up front.

6G is the total base payment amount. That’s before tax is applied.

#4 is the total cost, that includes the rebate applied.

as above said.

35k Is total payments + Rebates
26k is total payments before tax.

In other areas.
You paid 776 instead of 776.99 so they took 0.99 from your incentive (I put rebate, it’s not a rebate, it’s an incentive)