January typically horrible month to Lease?

Noting there’s really no great leases going on this month so far. Is that typical of January?

No, it’s great month to lease next to March, August and December


Perhaps its just my region. Here in Florida it seems next to impossible to snag a near $200/mo deal on anything desirable this month.

What changed in the programs from December on the vehicles you were looking at? Incentives drop? Rv fall?

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Why August?

Depends on the brand.

Some months had their EOY type deals this past summer with all of the stimulus cash going around.

Jan looks pretty good compared to last Jan.


Which brands are leasing well this month in the SE?

2020 was generally a shitty time to lease, with a few exceptions.

I see no reason to think that those conditions have changed.

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Because for Toyota in Texas, August is the month that releases tax credits on all of the vehicles with along with December. It varies within the region

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Not to be condescending-that’s rather a Vague statement. There is plenty of great deals. Maybe not for the particular brand/vehicle you are looking for…but still great deals to be had

What is your lease choice, maybe some folks here can guide you to a great deal???

I may be wrong but forum activity is probably just down a bit since a lot of people here get their cars around the end of the year? I know for me, the last time I was really active on the forum was December 2017, and last month I was back because my lease was up. Although I feel like this time around I may have developed an addiction… I don’t see myself going inactive any time soon :joy:.

Im looking to help my brother get into something for around $200-$240/mo here in Florida and Im not finding any truly Leasehackr-worthy deals in the southeast. We were really hoping for a CX30 but that fell through towards the end of last month and now the terms aren’t anywhere as good, we’ve been told. So I’ve been combing this forum daily and just haven’t seen anything great yet this month.

Try an Equinox LS. Might be doable

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January is what the dealers call a “gross month,” just because of the perception that people don’t buy or lease vehicle that month. But a volume dealer like mine is “volume over gross month.” Haha

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Funny you mention that. I just showed him the Equinox today as I saw a cheap lease ad locally. We may go check it out tomorrow. I noticed the (sister?) GMC version, the Terrain, also seems like a cheap lease this month?

What about them changed?

It’s not perception. As with most retail, January and February are by far the slowest months in terms of overall car sales.

Do the manufacturers take this into account and set reasonable sales goals for the various volume based incentives that often exist?

Well, people do buy and lease cars in Jan/Feb. It is the perception we, the salesmen created

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Yes, incentives tend to be more, actually


Incentives have dropped for Volvo from what I can see. No more costco, lease cash has slightly decreased, etc.