🗽 January Toyota Deals - $240/mo Tacomas Available + Tundras Coming Soon - Shipping Available

Since everyone loves :taco:Tacoma deals, we’ve got some for you. All pricing includes NYS sales tax, pricing will vary if you are outside of NY. PM for pricing on different terms or mileage.

looking to add some Rav4s and Tundras very soon.


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Interested in either a taco or tundra, 4wd, with heated leather seats. In my, no current leases, and looking for 7500/year with 0 down. What would this 299 taco go to if we went down to 7500?

Premiums will add 30-40 a month, and 7500 isn’t available. PM me and I’ll get you closer to exact pricing.

Let me know when you add Tundra deals.


Hopefully soon, dealer has very low stock and they sell almost as soon as they hit the ground. Working on it though.

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Thanks! My current lease is up Febuary 25th. Where are you located

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Based on NY but shipping can be arranged and everything done over the phone and paperwork by mail. Never have to set foot in the dealership.

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Ok. I’m in Utica, NY

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Leasehackr sure loves Tacos. PM to secure one before there gone.

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what the price differ for NJ resident?

It’ll be a few dollars less, this is based off 8% tax and NJ is 6.25 I believe.

I can get more of these in different colors, usually takes about a week. Dealer also said we can do specific builds but adds about $10 to the monthly.

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How much more will it be for 15k miles a year

Hey see your new here PM me.

Dealer wants to move some Tacomas. Pricing is now good for 12k miles for the next few deals. PM me to lock in a specific truck.

Spreadsheet link also added to first post. PM to lock in a deal.

More stock coming in soon, will update when they hit the ground.

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Any Tundra Crewmax SR5 4WD ?

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How soon before the Tundra deals drop?

Pm me and we can discuss.