Jaguar XJ deals

i dont see many, if any, Jaguar XJ deals on LH. I think these cars are pretty underrated. Elegant looks, comfy ride, and a 3.0L supercharged v6 same as the F-Type.

Not a lease, but figured I can at least share a purchase deal… In April 2018, purchased a 2017 Jaguar XJ (base model MSRP $75xxx) with the warranty punched 1 month prior (so has 4 years and 11 months on warranty instead of full 5 year) and about 80 test drive miles… for $52k… so about 30% off msrp… not a bad luxury car to be had for $52k and 5 years of warranty and free maintenance.


That is great. An XJ is an awesome car, i’ve been looking at the XF or F-pace.

Congrats on your killer deal on the new ride!



let me guess… you like white cars ? :joy::sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nah, white Jags only. :wink:

White>black in this Cali heat