Jaguar xe & xf lease deal

Are these good deals?

Uh, no. Run as fast as you can. Only a $1000 off MSRP?

Very bad deals … you want the starting point for the monthly (including tax) to be less than 1% MSRP. This is with $0 down and 36/10k roughly. Then you can start working down from there … these are not even close

Here is another quote from another dealer on Jaguar XE Premium. What do you guys think?

MSRP: 39,983
Selling price: 35,300
Residual: 57%
MF: 0009
Term: 39 months
Taxes: 2507.75
Monthly Payment: 465.00

Since you like JAgs, why not this one lol

I agree with vhooloo- his offer It’s as good as it gets. Run away from the first few posts and just jump on vhooloo’s deal.

Well, it seems like the budget is between $690 and $1,020 (from the OP) and then it suddenly became $465. This is a large discrepancy or does it not matter?

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ROFL lmao seems like someone just wants a Jag to say they have a Jag…

OP is all over the place, and then posts this nonsense under “Share Deals & Tips”! :rolling_eyes: