Jaguar XE Lease

Have been a been a long time stalker of Leasehackr. Finally registered for a account. I am a Digital Sales Manager at Alvarez Jaguar in Riverside. Below is a lease on a 2017 Jaguar XE 25t. If anyone is interested in this or would like quotes on Jaguar vehicles, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Just an FYI, Jaguar leases are probably some of the most complicated ones out there. I have worked for BMW and Mercedes and I can say that Jag is all over the place in the market. Just beware of what many dealerships do to create super low leases, one this is putting a vehicle in VIP status (loaner) to receive incentives from the factory. Yes it might be a better lower payment do to it, but your warranty would be a lot less due to the vehicles already being registered with the factory, its something we don’t do here as our owner hates the fact that it creates a headache in the end for the real first owner.
2017 Jaguar XE 25t
MSRP: $37,695
Your Price: $36,303
SoCal Lease Cash: $1,000
39mo, 10,000mi/yr
Drive Off: $2500
Base Payment: $361.61
Tax @8%: $28.93
Total Payment: $390.54
Mf: .00072
Residual: 58%
Again, any questions I can answer, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or email.

Alejandro Echeverria
Digital Sales Manager
Alvarez Jaguar of Riverside
Direct: 951-353-9256

PS: If this is not allowed, please delete. My apologies in advance if that is the case.

Isn’t Jags warranty and extended maintenance program among the best of all manufactures, and a typical 3yr/36k mile lease should never even come close to running out of warranty regardless of the when the car was punched as a loaner?

The small discount and the drive off make this a bad deal.
Regarding to the warranty, as you said seem like the car will probably has problems near the end of the lease (39mo or 36k). I would never jump on a car with that really short life and unreliable like that…

What state are you in?

Riverside California

I don’t think that’s what he implied. All brands will have cars come in during the warranty period for some warranty work. As long as it’s covered, people won’t grumble (too much). If it’s not covered and people realize they were duped to some extent, stuff could hit the fan.

Was being a devil advocate here. Not a good tastic to bash other dealers to make deal.

Also there is something called good-will that the manufacturer will take care of you even if you run out of warranty but with a resonable cause. If the problems were addressed under a TSB people should fight for it till the problem get fixed at no charge.

My point was that Alexjag was trying to say other deals are on demos and that is inherently not good. Its fine as long as you know it a demo/loaner and pay appropriately less for it. Bringing up the warranty was his way of (dishonestly) bashing other deals.

I dont mean to hijack the thread but, herer is some more info I just got a few quotes for both an Fpace and Xe. Each for $2700 due and signing and $0 due at signing. What are your thoughts on these?

Thank you!

It is a paltry discount off of MSRP, especially when JAG corporate is offering a $3000 “Rebate” on XE leases. These cars are easily going for 9-14% discounts off MSRP. A little research will turn that info up.

That rebate probably did not apply 7 months ago…when the above was posted…

has anyone come across any F-pace demo’s yet?

Try the app for starters… set location to all miles, then sort by mileage-highest… good luck!

Will do, one thing i noticed was that there is a 33 month lease option with better residual than the 36 month