Jaguar XE lease timing and other cars to consider

Hey all. I’ve been reading up on the forums in the run up to the big decision, and was hoping I could get your advice on timing.

I need a nicer compact luxury sedan that I’ll be using for the business I own, so I’ll be getting some nice tax savings since it will be almost entirely business use. I was attracted to the Jaguar XE because of the looks and attractive offers. Currently Jaguar is advertising $309/month with $2,291 down for a 3 year 30k mile lease on 2019 models. I’d of course do the minimum up front, negotiate the retail price, and would need a 15k mile lease.

This offer expires on 9/30, and I was wondering what Jaguar lease incentives are like historically and if I should possibly wait it out for some year end deals. From old posts I saw people were getting some well equipped cars for the low to mid $300s/month.

Also, I’m not totally set on Jaguar. Any suggestions on comparable cars to cross shop that lease well? Obviously price is important, but I like how excess milage with Jaguar is lower than BMW at $.15/mile.


Also look at 330s. That national offer for jag is probably for a completely base model.

Thanks. Will check it out. Yup, it’s a totally base model. But I’m guessing with discounts I can get the price back down close what was advertised in the offer?

I encourage you to look on Edmunds forum to find out what the RV/MF/incentives are for each trim and then attempt to hack a demo vehicle for the trim that is most attractive. You should be able to do substantially better than the national offer.

edit: Signed! Jaguar XE 25t Prestige AWD, Unicorn?

Always happy to see another Hackr looking for a Jag!

They are an interesting group to deal with. Demos are hard to come by for the XE (i got lucky with mine) but the e-pace or an f-pace are far more common in the loaner fleets.

The redesign for the 2020 XE should make getting a deal a bit easier on a 2019, but I would call a few dealers and see what they are willing to do on one before even going. Some dealers quoted me north of $500 for an XE, others were much more reasonable.

Open up your search radius, and take the deal that may be farther away to your local dealer and tell them they have to do better if they want your business. It took me 3 weeks of searching to land my deal.

Happy hunting!

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I found very tempting offer in SoCal. $397/mo+tax with $0 DAS on a “punched” XE Prestige 2.0L with 40 miles on it. Loved driving the car and was tempted to leave the showroom with it. In the end, getting out of my current lease was too pricy, so I’m waiting till December.

Unfortunately, the 2019 is woefullly short on included safety tech, even on the Prestige. In fact, Carplay and SiriusXM are not standard on this $45K Jag.

I think the 2020s will be a vast improvement (i.e., better interior, a real shift knob, leather now standard on all models), but haven’t seen any compelling lease deals, yet.

I didn’t realize that there was that much of a difference between 2019 and 2020. Will definitely do my homework on that one.

The 2019 models all have carplay. If they are showing you a MY19 without it, that means it is an 18.5MY, not to mention my punched 2019XE prestige 25T AWD (~$54k Sticker) was had for $310+tax so there is still a ton of meat on the bones for that dealer.

This was a 12k/year lease with $1400 DAS to cover DMV Fees and Doc Fee

Doesn’t surprise me, given that the deal as described was advertised on the website. Was tempting (but was before I found Leasehackr). I will certainly keep on the lookout for one with options I consider essential on a $50K car (parking sensors, blind spot warning, rear traffic monitor, etc) now that I know much better deals are out there… The car is a blast to drive and really has some character to it. Warranty and 5 year maintenance are pluses as well.

The car had Carplay as part of an installed “Smartphone Pack”, an itemized option, not standard equipment (but perhaps all cars are shipped with the option?).

As for the satillite radio, I assume it’s dealer installed and something I’d have pushed for if serious about the car.

I’d skip on Jaguar until/unless they upgrade their infotech. Its painfully outdated. I’m counting the days until my lease ends…

One nice benefit is free regular maintenance. That certainly gives it a leg up on MB. Take a look at some of the BMW deals listed on the forum.

The Jag inControl system just got an update for MY2020, and really isn’t outdated anymore. Even my MY19 has a newer system in it. Does it have issues? Yea, it’s a jaguar… But I love the thing and it’s fun at to drive.