Jaguar Owner Posts $3.8 Billion Loss on Slump in China



With the production now on time out, What will this mean to leasing in the year to come?

If this would create Amazing Hack deals, What would be your dream car out of either of the two makes?
I would love to hack a well equiped Velar at the end of 2019,



Perhaps that’s why we’re getting all these crazy Land Rover demo deals lately? :joy::joy::joy: I think it’s more likely that we’ll see Tata end up selling Jag and/or Range Rover. It seems like they were set on becoming a Volkswagen style player in the market, but were in over their heads.


seems like this would raise prices? my dream car would be an F-Type SVR but I’ve been considering a CPO F-type S or R once my lease is up.


I got one dealer that offered me 36% off MSRP a new 400 sport coupe… didn’t take it tho… well it got snatched up in my hesitation. I wanted a lease… but the lease numbers left over 2018’s suck. I’m sure other dealers will follow the trend of big discounts for new vehicles… I see another dealer taking 40k off a (high mileage) Type R demo


JLR is just not going to win the volume game like the Germans so I highly doubt a sales slump will equate to very aggressive lease deals. If anything they will probably reduce production on low end models as seen and push for more margin on units that already do well for them.


god damn I hope that exists in 2020


" The company said it took one-time exceptional non-cash charge for asset impairment of 3.1 billion pounds"

This likely had a huge impact

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Did you not see the deals from November onwards? You could get 1% deals on Evoque, Discovery Sport, Discovery and Velar even in Texas.

2018 and 2019 were never going to be good years with Brexit and the initial investment into the iPace (which deserves to bear fruit).


i would want higher trims for dream cars, but a dream deal id want a fpace s awd or xf sportbrake s awd


Someone on LH actually did a really good job on the Sportbrake in New England…


It’s a bit of a perfect storm of a move away from diesel and Brexit nightmares. But they also need to learn that they can’t just churn out extremely unreliable cars and continue to build sales. It seems once you’ve been burned by a JLR product, you are very unlikely to buy another.

My Dad is just about to return his second F-Pace (first one was taken back because of huge mechanical issues) and he’ll be picking up a Macan in the next couple of weeks. It may not be any better! but he certainly won’t touch another JLR product again.


So funny you say that. I’m on the Jaguar/LR forums and it seems like people know the reliability isn’t there, but are on their 4th and 5th.


I love my Jag and LR, but I would only ever lease em’.


yea they sure did, about $20k off and a employee pin deal


Well thank yaJagwag


That’s a freakin great looking wagon…


I post it every opportunity I get :slight_smile:


my favorite wheel and color combo, the 5036 wheels are pretty sick too


That’s not a Wagon… That’s a Shooting Brake. Well… “Sportbrake”, because apparently we can’t reference guns? Either way it’s pretty awesome.


Or as every British person calls it (rightly) an ‘Estate’


Shooting brakes are two door, aren’t they?