Jaguar Land Rover Specials 2020 (Monthly Spreadsheet)

Jaguar Land Rover Monthly Specials and Vehicles of Interest:

Jaguar Land Rover Monthly Special Spreadsheet

Updated Daily & Monthly.

** Deals valid only for CA, all postings based upon Tier 1 Credit **

Are CA regional restrictions valid for DEMO units also? The pricing seems to be at MSRP minus the allowance, is that correct? Please also include months/miles/RV etc…

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@Kian_JLR Please fix your tags and remove the inappropriate brands.

Yes they are valid for demo units. your breakdown of pricing is correct it is MSRP minus the allowance credit. all are at 39 months.

Yikes man!



Lol if I wanted to see prices like this I’d just visit dealer’s website and look at the advertisements.


I-Pace S AWD for effective 925 pm with socal taxes…

Yikes… Someone with Costco and Audi loyalty can get 2 etrons for almost that monthly…

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Depends on the I-pace. Working an HSE right now with 5k Down 12k miles @ 700/month tax included (7.5%)…

Some still have a lot of money left on them, Almost 30k on a $87k vehicle.

There are several better deals at other JLR in SoCal. Not trying to take away any customers but I suggest people do their research.

On what vehicles exactly? No other dealer has significant inventory this quarter.

:sob: you’re right on that one.

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Man who would have thought 9 months ago a virus would have jags on LH at msrp minus incentives. Crazy :poop:

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nicest spreadsheet, highest price. Are you trying to get paid for the time you spend on the spreadsheet? LOL

Tell me about it. The problem is no one has the inventory yet demand is high. We’ve been selling most cars at no discount period. crazy year tbh…

I wish that was how it works haha. Like I already said, the problem is there’s no inventory and high demand, thus barely any discount and full pop prices (minus incentives).