Jaguar f pace vs range rover velar

can $600pm get you into a f pace or velar? a 4 cylinder with driver assistance features would do…or is $600for these premium SUVs asking for too much and may be the payments needs to be between $700-800?

With how much down? How many years? Miles per year? What’s state? I reckon we saw here some loaners Velar 650$/month. Search forum. Me personally I purchased F-Pace. Deals were insanely high for leases in my area (Dallas TX). I got CPO with 6 years full manufacture warranty.

There are some people who have leased velars for around 600 with 600 drive off. Not sure if programs have gotten worse this month though.

Search through the trophy garage if you want to see who.

Sorry, I should have given more details…3 year lease with less than $1000 down and atleast 30000 miles…NY/NJ area

Yes, there is an East coast dealer that had/has it for $477 + fees + down.

My LR sales advisor told me this month they offer $1500 Conquest cash which applies if you can show you have any other luxury brand.
Even though my Discovery Sport is coming to lease end, I also have a BMW which applies.

I am stuck now because my LR dealer wants to put me back into a LR product but I don’t have much confidence due to ongoing issues with the reliability and quality.
Might look at the Jaguar F Pace 20d but it’s north of $60K for small crossover but has full maintenance included.

Velars could be scored for $600 or slightly less a few months back but that was based on conquest cash being $3k. It’s half that now so it will come down to discount. A loaner may be a viable option

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Does Land Rover allow lease of a loaner - dealership or manufacturer allowed ?

I thought they don’t because there no banks to offer favorable terms ??