Jaguar F-Pace RV/MF 2017/2018 February

Here are numbers for Jaguar F-Pace MF/RV


Correct me if Im wrong but those are terrible residuals for a “great” lease deal? Or is that typical for JLR?

With these numbers the Calc is giving me:

Monthly Payment (Excl. Tax): $681
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $743
Drive-Off: $1,230
1st month payment: $743
Down payment: $0
Registration and doc fee: $480
Tax on cap cost reduction and fees: $7
Leasehackr Score: 6.8 years
Disposition Fee: $300
Total Lease Cost: $27,123

Thats with MSRP of 56,000 on a Prestge 30t with a Sales Price of 52,000 and 12k/33 (Assuming I can get them down 7%)’

Is there anyway to get this car for $600/mo with 12k.

JLR never really leases well, especially small popular SUV’s like F-Pace, with that said though the best I was able to help someone get was $795 with first month and plates on a $60k 25t rsport.

Look into the velar, it leases better, at least right now. Also has a 2k conquest if you qualify for it

Do you happen to have any info or leads on a Velar ? Thatd be my first choice but would want to be sub 700 pref 625 max.

I can definitely tell you that you can get a velar for the “1% rule”

Im a broker and Im about to wrap up a deal for a client of mine, 70k velar p 380 for around $601 + tax. It was a loaner though. First payment and reg due at signing…

That’s great ! So in theory a new one with an MSRP of about 62k or so should be had for the same terms ?

Yeah its not hard to get 5% off, then theres a 2k/3k conquest as well

I would be interested in something like this… what was the MSRP and final cap on the P 380?

Still working on ironing out small details on the deal, i’ll let you know once its done!

I am interested in the Velar deal also!