Jag Specials - Hornburg

Not sure about their whole layout on the postings, but its pretty cheap from what i can tell: http://www.hornburgjaguarla.com/inventory/2017-jaguar-xe-20d-rear-wheel-drive-4dr-car-sajar4bn2ha952760

Same place that has the Jag F-Type…

Text from AD for those interested:

Lease for only $249 per month+tax.

Combined 36MPG with a Range of 533 Miles.

$2,999 Total Due at Signing Including 1st Payment, Tax, Title and License Fees, Security Deposit Waived. 7,500 Miles Per Year, 0.15c Excess Mileage Charge. 36 Months. On Above Average Approved 730+Credit through Jaguar Financial Services.

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Very interesting. I’m considering one, wonder how much 15,000 miles a year would be

15k/year will add about $54/month.

That $3000 down includes tax title and all fees I’m guessing? It says the monthly payment + tax so that’s kind of confusing

GF almost bit on one of these XEs.

Very hard to qualify for Chase Tier one (she has a 739 score and still they only offered Tier 2 because she just bought a house).

Tier 2 will bump the price up almost $40 a month.

Getting the 10k miles (a minimum for LA really…) adds another ~$30.

The realistic deal is $3000 total OOP and the $370-ish a month.

Deals were better last year when I got a 2016 XF for $3000 total OOP and $407 a month inc tax. $58,000 MSRP.

EDIT: She applied for the 2.5T, with an advertised price of $299 per month w/ $0 down, not including payment and TTL. Quoted $1600 total drive off.

Thank for cleaning it up :slight_smile:

What do you think the 2016 XJs should go for?