iX options breakdown confusion


Bunch of stupid questions that I cannot figure out with BMW configurator or by reading BMW forums

  • driver assitance pro package, does the car have ACC with stop&go and lane CENTERING without this package? Last time I looked at BMW 21/22 MY without the driver assistance pro it didn’t really stay center in the lane and I think no ACC either.

  • seats are another mystery. So iX gets non-moving headrests? No thigh extension either? are there usual bolster controls at least or is it like the most basic seat in existence? What do multi-contours do outside of adding 1600 bucks? BMW SUCKS at explaining anything on their website, and there is no way to check any of this out as there are rarely any demos and there are even fewer sales people who know anything about these cars.

You need DA Pro for those features

Multifunction includes massage. If you were going to add it piecemeal with convenience just get premium instead.

So really no extension on the seats at all?

Correct, no thigh extension on the seats. The multi-functional seats do add adjustable lumbar support and adjustable side bolsters.

@Logi any chance you can test drive nearby or better yet rent from Turo for a few day so you can get a better feel for the car? Seats are totally fine for me and I’m 6’3 and over 300 lbs. I had X5s before this, and I’m super comfortable in my iX with the Premium Package.

As an iX owner I’ll tell you please do not skip on the Driver’s Assistant Package. Get the Professional version, it’s amazing! It’s one of the best parts of this car.

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