ISO Minivan Deals

Good Afternoon Fellow LeaseHackrs,

I know with the market right now, it’s tough to get a good deal. I am in need to a minivan in the next 60-90 days. Looking for suggestion on getting a deal (lease or purchase). It seems everything has been market adjusted now.

Requirements for minivan:
8 pax
gas savings
resale value

Questions I have:

  1. Should I look at used?
  2. Does it make sense to lease vs. purchase?
  3. Which models should I look into?
  4. Any other suggestions?


Purchase. Brand new.


Buy New
Sienna XLE FWD is what you want but hard to find. That is the highest trim 8pax will come in.
Get on a waitlist

Kia Carnival (order, buy) or Chrysler Pacifica (order, lease/buy). Chrysler easy way is to just order with a broker. Kia needs some hunting for a dealer that will sell at MSRP

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Very happy with my kia carnival over a sienna/odyssey/pacifica

This, find a dealer that can hopefully sell at MSRP. I have the same engine in my highlander and we get 34-36 mpg. You can also get a Pacifica PHEV. Depends which one you can get at a better price. I know some dealers are asking for big ADMs on Siennas and people are paying them.

It may be worth shipping the van if you get any dealer to bite at MSRP.

If you go Sienna, Modern Toyota in Winston Salem NC and Danville Toyota in VA do MSRP deals. Also talk to @Jrouleau426 for Toyota’s most of what he can get is at MSRP

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I believe @Jrouleau426 is at 2k above on Siennas, but he also said there is a 3-6 month wait list.

Honestly, if you cannot get a Sienna at msrp, you’re better off getting a Kia, since the fuel savings is negated by whatever markup you would pay on the Toyota, even with all these crazy gas prices.

Crazy on the waitlist, @ppatel334 could you do a 3 row SUV instead?

I think this is normal with Siennas. @Cody_Carter here isn’t even getting a single Sienna for his next allocation.

So I checked with Longo Toyota here in Los Angeles - they do MSRP deals for every single car (including TRD pros), but the wait list for a Sienna is 8-12 months!

I think 12 months would be lucky. We know a lot waiting more than that.


Yeah, the guy at Longo said his wait list for the Sienna is 1400 customers deep. They probably get more allocation than anyone else, but I don’t see 8-12 months with that many people waiting.

On a related note, I may put myself on their list for a Tundra TRD pro, if I can snag one at MSRP - even if I have to wait a while, it may be worth it.

We have all adults in the house and 3rd row just hasn’t worked for us on long trips.

My sienna orders are 2k over. I get them at msrp occasionally but that’s looking less and less likely moving forward.

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Yeah, honestly if you’re a dealer with a ton of people waiting for a particular model, I imagine the only way to move up that list is to pay more.

I know people here hate on over MSRP deals, but there is way too much demand to not justify mark ups.

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You need Like a Ford excursion third row and those are expensive

I’ve been taking a lot of Uber xl this week as family is visiting. The new excursions, Tahoe’s and suburbans are super nice. Thinking about getting one myself if I can get a “deal” on a Tahoe…

I hear even getting supplier pricing is difficult nowadays, Local dealer near me wants 20k over on any Yukon Denali on the lot, surprise - they have none.

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I think if you can find one of those Ford dealers going deep on order you could try to order an exp.

I saw a guy on WCC that scored like 10% off an order for a GMC truck.

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