Is this really that important to know?


Am I the only one who gets annoyed with these? I don’t think they add any real value. I, personally, sometimes don’t even pay attention to whom I reply to.

There are also ones to welcome new users.


Hate them.

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Then like my post LOL


No. 20202020 completel sentence


I think it gives some useful info on someone without having to check their profile. If they’re new it helps me to maybe not assume they know everything and I’ll tailor my response. Or if they haven’t been here in a while I’ll know they have perhaps not seen something recently that they might be interested in.

Normally good to have something like this configurable in your settings though so can be disabled if you don’t want it.


So, you want to do their work for them and tell them what they have missed? Don’t we say “use search” all the time? :slight_smile:


To quote Rumsfeld there are known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns :roll_eyes:

I learn new things everyday here, not everything is findable by searching or this wouldn’t be a forum it would just be a wiki.


Not a fan of them.


Yeah, let’s welcome a spammer :grin:

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I love them so much and anyone who thinks otherwise is just upset that they don’t get welcome banners above their names

Unrelated but anyone else have a fiery hatred for bears?


Why would anyone hate bears? Fear - possibly…


Absolutely. They do not want to share their OL codes …

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PM me dealer info

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I like the idea like mentioned above it gives you some semblance of the level of “hacker” you are speaking to. I vote for a sub page where trusted hackrs or established contributors can drop simple questions without getting spammed by “ do a search” or “find a broker”. This would be a small or growing trusted sub page where you can weed out tech support level 1 and 2 and get right to actual trusted advisors.


I’m confused how this idea would ever take flight since trusted hackrs and established contributors don’t really drop a lot of simple questions that beg answers like “do a search” or “find a broker”. But maybe the irony is I’m asking a simple question right now? (I don’t understand this suggestion at all)


Maybe I phrased it wrong. But I have seen and started posts that the first seven responses are from someone who has been on the site a month, and is chiming in to provide the general feedback trusted hackers give them on day 1 here. If there was a sub group where you dropped a question…ex: What is everyone seeing movement wise on jeep grand cherokees. This type of question in the general categories would warrant a plethora of 101 answers. Where as in a trusted hacker sub cat it may bring responses like “helping a guy now on a Jeep grand for sub 300…I think deal is replicable. Meaning I know what mf, rv and incentives are I don’t need direction in hunting the basics. Hope I’m explaining this correctly I think it weeds out a lot of newer unwarranted responses.


I think you’re overestimating the knowledge (and patience) of trusted hackrs. Often times we don’t know any more than a new user – but we’re all equally capable of using the search bar and reading. All we can do is do our own research and encourage people to do the same. Things like MF, RV and incentives are found on Edmunds or posted by sales folks who are “in the know”. I think what you’re suggesting would encourage the poor expectation that new users already have where they want everyone else to do the ground work for them.

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And that is fair I was thinking more of a trusted hackers lounge or a way that once a specific status was achieved the conversation that would be had could be more high level knowing everyone here knows the 101 details you need to collect. I myself don’t have the trusted hacker status but have two 55k plus vehicles in my driveway with well below 1% rule payments. I’m offput a lot in threads when I do search there either “bash the OP, or bash the dealers pricing. A lot less actuall hacking and finding/sharing deals and more begging/ find it for me.


I don’t know if it’s just my headache causing this, but I’m struggling to follow your writing style. I think its lack of punctuation or something. So bear with me as I reply…

Being trusted isn’t really a status that’s achieved – we’ve just been community leaders for a long time and have spent years sharing knowledge and helping others on the forum. So don’t think of it as some kind of ranking system – the site owner has just given us the ability to help maintain the forum. I don’t see why those conversations you’re thinking of can’t be had in the general forum subcategories. I’m not sure what the benefit of exclusion would have.