Is this realistic for a 2021 BMW X3e?

Looking for a 2021 X3 plug in hybrid in SoCal (LA County 91302). Based on Edmunds, I think I have the residual and MF correct for 36 mo 12k lease (.00082 MF and 55% residual). I am a little unsure of whether the 7500 tax credit, 1750 lease cash, and 750 loyalty are combinable and whether they are taxable or not. Also, is 6% off realistic? My goal is to get sub $500/mo including tax with all fees rolled into the lease (except first month). See calculator below for what I have. Here is the example car I am building this on:

Leasehacker calculator:

Leases don’t get the $7500 tax credit unless it comes from the manufacturer in the form of lease cash.


Not eligible for tax credit on lease. And it isn’t $7500

OK. Got it. Looks like the credit is about $5800 and only applies to a purchase. So other than lease cash ($1750) and loyalty ($750), that is about it. Are those numbers correct?

Talk to one of the brokers. You should be able to get 10-12% off a new car.

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I don’t think 10-12% off a brand new x3e will be feasible, especially in CA

Good point – that is very likely. They are harder to find. I might look at the Audi Q5e instead but it may be more of the same issue.

Seems like a few good Q5e deals on LH in SoCal…

Brokers in California are offering 10% off…