Is this is a good lease price for VW Tiguan SEL? - Austin, TX

Austin Area Lease Quote from Dealer:

VW Tiguan SEL 2019

MSRP $33150
Selling Price: $29650
TX Tax 6.25%
36 month
12k miles/year
MF 0.0012
RV 17569.50

They quoted me $432/ month for 36 months, inclusive of taxes

What are the hackrs thoughts?


Ouch, too much $$$ for a Tiguan, although taxes really hurt you in Texas. Really need to find something with tax credits

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Selling price looks okay if it’s before any rebates…speaking of which…any rebates?

The selling price was after the discounts and rebates.

And what were the rebates?

It didnt say…just one lne with 3k+ discount. I think there was a $500 college not sure what the rest is

So assuming just $500 lease cash then dealer discount is on the weaker side.

So should I wait for another month and hope there are more discounts or how do I negotiate the price lower?

Ask for another $1,000 dealer discount and or tax credits to offset the up front tax burden.

On the VW website it says the SEL starts at $41k so something is off here:

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OP deal is on a Tiguan, not Atlas.

Doh, try checking for incentives. They seem to range from $700 to $2650 depending on trim, you need to know what incentives are being used and how much is dealer discount.