Is this a reasonable ask to transfer out my lease?

Hi folks,

I posted my deal a few months back for a 2019 440i M-Sport:

I want to release my liability for the vehicle by transferring it to someone else. I am thinking of asking $2,000 down and for the lease transfer to be paid by the interested party (total $2,500).

Remaining are 31+ months to the lease with 950+ miles a month. The pre-tax payment is $465.75 a month.

Is this reasonable? Thoughts?

Hmm the 2020s are here though so you probably need to make room in your garage.

That effectively comes out to be nearly $600/mo after tax. I doubt you’ll find someone on here to transfer it to at the price. I think you’ll even have trouble transferring it with $0 DAS.

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Post it in Private Lease transfers and see. People will let you know, for sure.

Yeah, effective is about $575 inc 9.5% tax. Still under 1% rule tho as the MSRP is $58.5K.

Prime example of where the “1% rule” means nothing. 4-series were WAY below that just recently.


1% rule doesn’t exist.


You are not being unreasonable but the transfer is very unlikely with this price. Especially people seeing the ~$250 unicorn loaner 440i :slight_smile:

440i M Sports were leasing cheaper than this for the past few months. It’s an aging platform that’s due for an update in 2021 and the 2020s are already on the lot.

Try swapalease, it’sa reasonable offer for over there.

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Is it reasonable? That’s debatable. If someone would snatch it off your hands right away, then it would be reasonable. That said, I don’t see many people jumping on an aging 600/mo 4 series, especially on this board.

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