Is this a good VW Tiguan SEL 4motion lease? Ohio


Feels $50 too high. I’m confused as to why the adjusted (net) cap cost is higher than the initial cap cost? Also, please note, I’ll be doing 36 months, not 39, so the residual should be 55% ($19,193). Finally, I plan to do $0 money down. Thanks for your help!


Line 18 indicates $925 added to the initial cap cost - I’m assuming that is the acquisition fee.


Here in California on a SEL FWD msrp $33785 selling price of $29,214, they want $800 DAS and 36 month 12k $354.70+tax or 39 month $346.31+tax that’s what I’m working on right now. Don’t have complete numbers because we are still going back and forth.

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But that added $925 still doesn’t add up to the $33,015. And shouldn’t these fees be in the gross cap cost, not the adj cap cost?


I’m not seeing the gross cap cost listed on this pic. Did they roll in all the fees & tax too?


This pic breakout is so confusing, I don’t even know. Or what to ask them.