Is this a good price for new 2022 GCL Overland 4x4



I am planning to buy a brand new 2022 Jeep GCL Overland 4x4 from a local dealer in Austin, Texas suburbs(within 100 miles) and its priced at ~$62,000, the final offer they gave me was $58,900. Could you please tell if this is a good price to buy it or is there more room to negotiate?.

As per edmunds price checker, it is kind of a good price(plus, minus ~$500)

Also, do you think waiting for couple months will further reduce prices on vehicles?

Please suggest if there are any financing specials running that I can take benefit of in central texas.

You have any worksheet from them?

The Overland is the worst trim to lease.

Beyond that, there’s a lot more than goes into a deal than just the selling price.


@IAC No, I don’t.

@mllcb42 Not sure if I was clear but I am not seeking advise for leasing. This is for buying a new vehicle. So wanted to know if the price I have mentioned is the best price to purchase a brand new 2022 Jeep GCL.

p,s:- I have also edited and updated the post.

What is the actual msrp on the vehicle? Is the selling price an out the door price? Are they charging any dealer add ons? Are you financing it through them? If so, are they increasing the interest rate?

Msrp is $62349
Selling price $58900 excluding ttl
No dealer ad ons except manufacturer fitted options and destination charges.
Haven’t taken any financing quotes from dealer or anywhere else.

Why would you want to spend this much on a GCL?

Especially considering the prior GC’s crash test results and poor value retention? And the new gen is untested on both counts


Which other 3 row Suvs would you recommend?

The 2 that I would check out first are the Highlander hybrid and Kia Telluride.

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Most likely to hold value even if you pay a small markup front end.

Check out 2022 Acura MDX they hold value and are sporty. I use to lease Jeeps but switched to Acura after seeing their 2022

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If you are ok with a custom order, please reach out to us. We can do much better than this.
Happy to help.

Telluride is going 7-9k over asking. Final price after TTL comes around 62k for SX trim which is same as Jeep GCL overland 4x4.

Thanks for the recommendation. Did try it, its 3rd row is pretty tight but its an handsome SUV

There are dealers that’ll order at msrp

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FWIW I bought a 2021 GCL Overland 4x4 back in August. We really like it. I would agree that the Kia is probably the best value proposition, but more tech and the air suspension in the Jeep (though not sure they are still including air suspension due to supply issues). Zero quality control issues. Transmission is great, which makes the 6 cylinder livable.