Is this a Good Deal? XC90 Loaner

2020 XC90 T5 Momentum 7 FWD - Loaner

Zip: 33180

RV is 58% as per Edmunds, so I think they marked up a bit

I was trying to understand why the inceptions fee is so high… he went 990 dealer fee, 175 tag fee and others (i think the acquisition is also rolled there maybe? )

Anyways trying to understand a bit more, discount seems fine and $2000 rebates is correct

Any ideas where I can negotiate the price?
Please ignore all the mark ups in the sheets

Thank you

What does this mean?

they at the dealer have the RV at 55% , when I asked in Edmunds they give me a RV of 59%

Dealers cannot change the RV. It’s set by the bank.

This dealer may be quoting a different bank than what Edmunds is quoting. Or it’s a regional difference

55% adjusted for mileage. It’s right there - 2% mileage penalty, so RV is 57%. If Edmunds gave you 59% then it was for 7.5k miles and your lease must be 12k miles then.

got it . Thanks…

so besides that do you think its a fair deal?

11.5% discount is too low for a loaner. Try to get another $1,800-2,300 off.