Is this a good deal? Volvo s60 inscription

Just got back from the dealer. after what felt like an eternity of going back and forth this is what their offering me .
S60 T5 awd inscription premiere with climate package convenience package and blis package
MSRP $44,875
Sale price $38,875 before $6,300 in lease incentives
Residual 52%
$385 a month $1908 drive off.
Should i pull the trigger or can i do better?

Do you qualify for the $1,000 conquest rebate?
There’s a S60 thread and I’ve been shopping for one myself, not an awd tho. Still haven’t closed but I walked out at about $100 less a month (MSRP: $42,725) and they reached out to me yesterday so I’m hoping it’s to go lower.

Dunknown24, whereabout was this deal? I’m looking for an AWD, qualify for the conquest rebate and am looking to hit $300/month inclusive of tax.

This is in the NYC area. I got them down to $350 a month $2127 due at signing for taxes and fees.

This is in Cali.
Socal and the bay have similar deals.
Like I said, it’s not for the awd so idk how much extra that would be but MSRP is only 2k more.
I’m trying to get to $300 with taxes and all rolled in myself.

After you get your deal, please refer me to your dealer :slight_smile: With a 2K MSRP difference and factoring in the residual, the payment should only be around $30 more for AWD.

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