Is this a good deal? Tried to get the numbers the best i could, dealer did not want to give me numbers in writing

Infinity qx60 luxe

Msrp $57,680
He did not tell me this number exactly but said sale price was roughly 8k vpp applied.
MF: 00.00016
RV said is at its highest not sure what the number is
Down 0
DAS: $2800 ( first month, registration, tag transfer dealer fees etc)
Monthly pmt $500 plus tax 7%
Terms: 39 months 10k
And rolling over 1800 negative from my other lease remaining pmts. Unfortunately cant wait due to family getting bigger !

Im new at this so please advice if this is good or not. I asked after going back and getting down to this number from an insulting $720 plus asked about rolling over the fees and instead put 3 msds but they said not to allow this due to money factor low i think.

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