Is this a good deal on a Kia Stinger GT1 in NC


Hello all, considering this deal below

MSRP $46830
Price before incentives: $40945
Selling Price $35,595
Monthly: $469
MF: .0024
Term: 36 Mo
Mileage: 10000
Residual: 61%
DAS: 1200


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Need to know discount BEFORE incentives

Assuming it’s a RWD model, there is $5300 in incentives from Kia on a 36 month lease this month. Considering it’s NC, I am assuming the dealership fee is an absurd $599 or thereabouts…find it out. When I plug those approximate numbers, the dealership is probably giving you between 6-7% off. You should aim for at least 10% (if not more) before factory incentives. Then plug in the numbers in the calculator and see for yourself. Good luck

Thanks, also I edited my post to add the discount before incentives

This deal is miles better than the other 600+ a month GT1 on LH that was posted recently.

Something is not right. If the selling price before factory incentives is indeed $40,945, keeping everything else the same and assuming a dealership fee of $599, the calculator shows hat you should be at $369 pre tax and $380 post (3% hwy use tax) with $1556 drive off. Ask them for the lease worksheet and validate the numbers yourself, before deciding.

Hey All - Caught the stinger bug a couple of months ago and have been hunting for a lease now for a bit. I’ve read a lot about the difficulty and comps on these leases…i.e. what else you could lease for a similar price but am pretty set on Stinger - awesome car. Have talked to a few dealers in the midwest and pricing seems all of the place…I’ve seen ~$670 on a GT2 and $450 on a GT1 in a color I did not want ($3-4K) down in those scenarios). Anyway…here are the terms on a ceramic silver GT1 AWD I’m looking at right now -

36mo/ 12k miles: $518 a month

Retail: $49.5K

Sales Price: $46.6K

Gross cap cost: $48.6K

Rebate" $6.9K

Cash down: $3K

Net Cap cost: $38.7K

Residual 52%

Thoughts / advice / comments all welcome…my hope was to get under $500 without putting any more than $3K down. Any success stories?

Advice…it’s a freaking Kia…you can dress up a chihuahua as a pit bull…it’s still a chihuahua. 500 payment yields much nicer vehicles then a chihuahua I mean Kia :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Typical. There was some crazy quality or reliability ranking that came out last week and it had Porsche number 1, Hyundai and Kia were 2 and 3. So as much as you want to bash them and by all means, feel free, but they are seriously improving. Can’t remember where it came from, but it was on MSN.

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Remember when people used to say the same thing about Lexus? “Why would I want a JAPANESE luxury car?”

Funny how times change.


3k down on a lease is generally something to be avoided. You aren’t actually saving money. you are just pre-paying some of the lease payment. So avoid the $3k down and just pay the higher monthly. or negotiate harder on the sales price.

The Stinger is a great drivers car. I wouldn’t worry about those slagging off the brand. However, they don’t have particularly great lease deals unless you can get a steep discount off MSRP to compensate for the poor residuals. The large rebates help some but that residual is about 10-percentage points lower than a BMW 3-series.


This is not lexus or toyota, hyundai and kia have had a horrible track record before these newer ones. That being said yes the new ones are way more reliable.

I love the newer Kia lines and can see they are really upgrading their game. The problem with a lease like this one is that they want too much down for what doesn’t feel like a great value. You could probably get a faster car or one with a nicer package at this price point.

You could probably get a better discount if you hold off a while longer or shop around more. The MF seems high based on all the different posts i’m reading on here.

They were bad in like… 2002. It’s 2019 now. They make good cars.

To be fair, the only successful Japanese lux car brand in the US is Lexus. :wink: