Is this a good deal on a Kia Stinger GT1 in NC


Hello all, considering this deal below

MSRP $46830
Price before incentives: $40945
Selling Price $35,595
Monthly: $469
MF: .0024
Term: 36 Mo
Mileage: 10000
Residual: 61%
DAS: 1200


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2019 Kia Stinger GT1 AWD

Need to know discount BEFORE incentives


Assuming it’s a RWD model, there is $5300 in incentives from Kia on a 36 month lease this month. Considering it’s NC, I am assuming the dealership fee is an absurd $599 or thereabouts…find it out. When I plug those approximate numbers, the dealership is probably giving you between 6-7% off. You should aim for at least 10% (if not more) before factory incentives. Then plug in the numbers in the calculator and see for yourself. Good luck


Thanks, also I edited my post to add the discount before incentives


This deal is miles better than the other 600+ a month GT1 on LH that was posted recently.


Something is not right. If the selling price before factory incentives is indeed $40,945, keeping everything else the same and assuming a dealership fee of $599, the calculator shows hat you should be at $369 pre tax and $380 post (3% hwy use tax) with $1556 drive off. Ask them for the lease worksheet and validate the numbers yourself, before deciding.