Is this a good deal on a 2020 Benz c43?

Hi all, what do you think of this?

Location is DC area.

What do you think of it? How’s it compare with your research?

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Research is hard to do in these times because the market is so strange from production problems etc etc. But from what I was able to gather it doesn’t seem great but I can’t put my finger on why and where in this deal I have some wiggle room.

Seem’s horrible. Need a bigger discount. $1K a month for a V6 AMG C-Class should be criminal. You can get used 2016 ones for $35K for the same car. S-Classes are cheaper to lease than this.

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Might be the worst C43 deal I have seen on the forum.


Haha wow terrible deal OP. Do yourself a favor and contact @AutoCompanion he’s in the DC area as well.

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It’s a C43 Coupe … Not a sedan. But still it’s pretty bad. This is definitely not a vehicle to lease.

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Don’t jinx it dude!

If you’re ok with this type of payment then look to other cars. You’re getting close to M5 and M8 territory.

I’m more curious if the salesperson is saying what a great deal this is and will go quick.

I got a boat sorry Phantom Footprint, Paint Correction, and Clear Bra to sell you!

It’s an amazing deal at only 3k a pop, think of all the money you’ll save on lease return!

You’re not quite at the 2% rule and that’s the only positive.