Is this a good deal on a 2018 BMW 530e (my first lease)?

Would love to get the experts insights on this deal - first time leasing a car.
A 530e 2018, a loaner.
Total incentive are $3500 (before post sale rebates ant tax related incentives)
Is the MF (currently 0.00222) negotiable?

Selling price is 45,277.
10,000 miles.
They offer $3000 cash due and then 36 monthly payment of $540 (after tax).

13% off prior to incentives is good. The MF is jacked-up to the max, you should negotiate that back down to the base MF = .00182.

Thanks !
Any tips on how to negotiate MF? I thought it is set by BMW, good to know it’s possible to negotiate it

The buy rate is set by BMW and the dealerships can mark it up a certain amount for pure profit. You tell them that you want buy rate MF on the deal.

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@Hornela BMWFS sets the buy rate (which is .00182 in Nov). The dealers can mark that up by a max for .0004, which is what your dealer has done to get to .00222.

So, you can let them know that you’re happy to move forward on this deal, but would need them to bring the MF back down to the buy rate of .00182. If they won’t or if they want to meet you half way, then you need to decide what you want to do. From my perspective, I would never agree to a MF markup because I’ve spent considerable effort making sure I have a great credit score. As such, I’d expect to get the best interest rate possible and I’m not open to markups - infact a few years ago I walked on a great deal due to the mark up, but was able to find another dealer who would match that great deal at the base MF rate.

Based on the $80 doc fee im guessing you are in CA. Do yourself a favor and go to Greg Poland at Pacific BMW and you will get buy rate and a better deal. He has plenty of 530e’s

This is a loaner, shouldn’t the discount be more like 18 to 20%, before incentives?