Is this a good deal on a 2016 BMW 320i

Hey LH team,

Is this a good deal?

2016 320i
MSRP 35745
Selling price 28930

1k rebate loyalty+680.00 drive off
24 months/10k miles per year

72% resd.
.00136 MF
224.44 a month (with tax) (this includes the 925.00 acq. fee as well in the payment)

$193 a month with max MSDs

That’s phenomenal. I would definitely take that if I were in the market for a 320i.

Im being told the max MSD is 1750 but the calculator shows 1400… is that correct?

Each MSD is the monthly payment (post-tax) rounded up to the nearest $50. A maximum of 7 security deposits are allowed. So if it’s $1,750 MSD, then the monthly payment post-tax is somewhere between $200.01 and $250.

Is that post-tax on the payment before MSD applied or after :slight_smile:

If it is… the lease calculator has a small bug

Can you take a screenshot? It’s post-tax payment after MSD.


AFTER MSD (should be $1750)

Im being told that its based on the pre-tax number before MSD… so its $204, which rounds to $250 X 7 :confused:

slol, does this include fleet discount?

no… 1K loyalty and $150 for AAA/Costco

thats a great price without fleet discount! Congrats

Yeah pulling the trigger…

Not sure how to look up corp discounts…is there a list somewhere?

Ask the sales rep whether your company is covered via fleet program or search your internal company website

Your payment would be even lower if you stretched it out to 36 months. Residual is 66% at 36 months.

Comes out to $209 with tax at 36 mo and 66% vs $193 at 24 mo and 72% ? Am I doing something wrong… prefer to do 24 mo with the MSD so I can get out sooner, but would consider 36 if its a lot lower

If I’m understanding you right, you have to put down an extra $350 of deposit because of the rounding up from $204? Would be a good time to say I’ll do the deal if you take off $100 more, saving you the extra $350 deposit? Just an idea.

Nope. You’re right on this one. My mistake. :slight_smile:

Make a small cash down payment to get it under $200 and have a lower MSD cost.

Looks like the sales rep messed up (benefit of the doubt)… finance guy said $1400 deposit + $1000 for drive offs, which threw a red-flag.I said drive offs should be around $640, they checked the numbers and the numbers worked out to what the calculator offered so thanks @michael (no bug) … They rectified it and getting it for $2040 ($1400 msd and $640 title+reg+doc+1st mo) with $193.90/mo


Wow, that’s a great deal! And it’s brand new?
If you could please name the dealer (if you’re on the west coast) and screenshot the papers I’ll like that post too :slight_smile: