Is this a good deal if I'm leasing a Nissan Rogue in NJ?

Hello LH community!

first time posting, can someone tell if this is a good deal just by looking at this ad?
I don’t have the expertise many of you guys have. My first lease I just walked into a KIA dealer gave them my car (they gave me 1,500) and had me paying $220 for a 2015 KIA Optima for 15k/36 months with close to excellent credit (780 FICO)… At that time,no experience, loved it!

Now I just checked my FICO score again and with 1% utilization I’m getting EX 802, TRANS 816.
I’m looking for a new deal, 2 cars actually, the car below would be for my wife.
I’d like to know if I could do better, or if I can upgrade the trim for the same price. What questions to ask, how to approach the sales guy or should I engage a manager intermediately if that is possible.
please advice, best regards

Find out via website who is the internet manager. Email him or her asking for:

Sales Price before incentives
Payment with nothing but first payment due at signing
Acq fee

Then do your homework and find out what incentives you qualify to redeem. Then use all that in the calculator.

Repeat for as many dealers as is feasible.

Do not go to dealer. Do not deal with anyone but internet manager (or higher — skip the floor sales folks)

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I’ve read something about invoice price and hard cap or top cap maybe?!
Are those included in your advice? Or does it get too complicated? Thanks again!

Check out leasing 101 here. Learn what the jargon means. If you don’t hate math (basic math, no calculus) it helps.

Take a look! Got some info from them

What is the residual and money factor they are offering on the Rogues? I’m in the market for one in easter PA, but Rogue SL for the leather seats and 12k miles 36 months.

I’m heading to that dealership right now, will get as much info as I can… And tomorrow I’m going to another one, an auto mall. I’ll post it here for opinions

You should avoid in eastern PA. Nissan incentives there are AWFUL. I did a qx60 for someone cheaper than a pathfinder there…

You’ve got about $2,500 in fees due at signing, plus first month’s payment so not as great as it seems. Not many cars you can lease out there for less then $200/mo but I’d try to get them to cover some or all of those fees. Also check the residual value, they might be inflating that to get the low monthly price.

Can you provide details on that lease? I’m looking for a mid size SUV. Have to return my 2016 vw Tiguan in January. I leased that for no money down 244 a month 12k/36 months in Jan 2016. I was at the dealer today and I can’t even come close to that. Should I wait for the 2019 or perhaps go with another brand?

The rogue isn’t going to be anywhere near that in PA. You were probably quoted well over 300.

Can you give details on the qx60 lease you referred to?

Take a look at the qx60 pure that i posted earlier this month. Add $1k to the sale price b/c PA doesnt have the lease incentive that NY does. Remove VPP if you don’t qualify, and there you go! 10k residual is 60%, 59% for 12k, 57% for 15k.

I’m looking through your history and there’re a lot of qx60, can you share the link if possible? IDK if you were talking to me but I’d like to take a look at it

It’s in the marketplace

How did you make out at the dealer?

We are going again today, since my wife was recommend by an executive they are structuring a deal for her. I’ll update later on

Did you get a deal?

Is 289, no down payment, 12k q good deal for the 18 SV?

doesn’t seem bad to me…can you share the lease details?