Is this a good deal for a 2019 TLX Tech & A-SPEC

What do you think of this deal?
2019 Acura TLX Technology and A-SPEC 4 Cylinders
MSRP- $40,395
Sale Price- $33,661
MF- .00093
Residual - 53%
$3,000 Due at signing 36/10
Payment $318 including tax
$2,000 rebate

It’s not a bad deal since it’s around 1% but if you can score another thousand off then it’ll be a great deal.

That’s flawed logic. Without knowing the selling price (which OP lists as “Not Sure”) there’s no way to tell if this is a good deal or not.

Not to mention, there’s 3k due at signing, which blows up the “under 1% rule” anyways.

Not sure where you are located but people would kill for this deal in New York.

With similar due at signing its well over $400+ per month over here depending on how good you are at negotiating.

Not sure if time has change since I’ve been back on this forum, but when I was leasing, the 1% rule apply to the msrp. If people are now expecting 1% at the selling price, then wow… I need to come back often.

To OP it’ll help if you can get the whole price break down.

I misspoke…it would be right at MSRP, slightly higher.

That said, still not a good gauge without knowing all the numbers.

If you think $402.33 a month for a $40+K sedan then you are getting a good deal. But I myself have seen better deals on higher MSRP cars.

Apples and Oranges

Not bad, last time I checked TLX A-Spec V6 in NY, they were giving me about 550 a month with 3k down. Absolutely terrible. Obviously I didn’t take it.

What is the $2,000 rebate ???

I’m new here so sorry if this is not okay but what dealership is this at? I am quoted best and final at exact same ($318 with tax, $3,000 down) for a base 2019 4 Cylinder TLX right now.