Is this a good deal for a 2016 VW eGolf SE + QuickCharge?

Having a hard time punching these numbers into the calculator, is this a good deal? Thanks!!

2016 VW eGolf SE + Quick Charge

MSRP: $31,645
Selling Price: $23,597

No loyalty or student bonuses.

Months: 30
Annual Mileage: 7500

MF: 0.00065
Residual: 39.00%

Security Deposit: $0
Total Due At Signing: $2500
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $137.98

Zip Code: 94706
Sales Tax Rate: 9.75%

A 39% residual?

I would consider that a great deal given the low residual. However, add about 35 bucks to payment since it jas 1100 in cash cap reduction.

Sorry but what do the 35 dollars mean? I thought the monthly payment includes all taxes.
I do not intend to buy the car at the end.

For a 2016 obsolete model, not a good deal. You need more of a discount. If MSRP is 31k and they sell it for 23k then they are just passing on the 7.5k rebate to you. They need to give you another 20% off which is around 6k and would bring your payment to under 100 a month.

However, if you really need a 2016 VW eGolf, then this may be the last one available.

It looks like the adjusted cap cost is 15,XXX. He is getting discount and rebate.

If I understand this correctly, I am getting 25% off MSRP, right?

MSRP = $31,645

  • 25% discount = $23,597
  • $7,500 rebate = $16,097
  • $1,153 cash = $14,944
  • $625 acq fee = $15,569 adjusted cap cost

Residual = $12,341.55

Depreciation/mo = ($15,569 - $12,341.55) / 30 = $107.5

Sorin, that is how I read it. I would ask to eliminate the cap reduction to reduce cash due at signing, but without knowing the market for these, it strikes me as a decent deal.

I just meant that the cash reduction masks the lower payment thats all. Like i said ots a good deal.

Thanks! The cash reduction is so I can get the downpayment to $2500 and then get the CA rebate - making it effectively $0 down / $137.98/mo taxes included.

There are over 100 in stock at my local dealer.

I tried talking with a dealer in NorCal (Stevens Creek VW) that has 115 in stock, but they weren’t open to any good deals (or, more likely, I got a very bad sales rep). Still trying to drive the price down, not in a rush to get one.

Once the 2017’s show up (April?), with longer range, I expect to see the leases improve.

Regarding NorCal dealers, I saw a banner ad for Serramonte VW - $49 per month lease for 2016 VW eGolf SE with DCFC. has details. $49/month. $2624 drive off. 7,500 miles per year.

Yeah, all of those deals assume you qualify for the loyalty/student bonuses. Also when I tried both Serramonte and Team VW in Hayward, CA they only had one “special” (they were losing money on it) that just sold out - go figure :slight_smile:

That’s super cheesy - “just sold.” Also, isn’t it illegal? There has to be a VIN with the ad. If I see it again, I’ll get the detail.

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Ended up trying to take a $2500 down ($0 after CA rebate) + $117/mo (all taxes included) deal only to find out you cant easily get a lease from VW if you’re not a permanent resident. Back to square one :slight_smile: