Is this a good deal 4Runner lease Buffalo NY area

I hope I posted in the correct forum but i ma looking to see if anyone has any opinions on this lease deal. Is it good or is there something I am missing?

Toyota 4Runner SR5 4x4.

Here are all the numbers for you:

$38,194.00 MSRP

$35,958.00 Dealer Invoice
$35,258.00****Your Sale Price
$29,791.32 Residual Value at 36 Months/10,000 Miles per Year
$368.xx Cash Due at Signing (first payment)
$368.xx 35 Remaining Monthly Payments

All taxes and fees are included in the payments.

Looks pretty good to me…is this through Toyota Finance or a credit union? If Toyota Finance, you may be able to put MSDs down to reduce it even further.

Crazy residual…

He said it would be through Ally because Toyotas rates are high- I would lose my returning customer incentive for 1000.00 by going through Ally but I am not sure what the difference in rates are?

Ally doesn’t charge disposition to my knowledge (at least on Alfa’s), so that’s good at the end.

Have you considered just financing it? 4Runner’s hold their value so well, you may be better off buying it, and just trading/selling in 3 years or so.

I second the buying option as this is the easiest truck to resell. Also if your losing the 1k incentive, ask for another 1k off to get to 10% discount. Tell them a dealer in Rochester was willing to match and give 10% discount.

Ally is a decent alternative to TFS - but I agree you can ask for more discount - never hurts.

I would love to buy but I was trying to get my payment to around 300.00 and that is impossible…its pretty impossible either way unless I put a few thousand down. Basically my taste is way expensive for my budget. I was emailing around looking for a demo or a highly discounted 4runner. I knew this is all unlikely for a 4Runner in general so I wasnt holding my breath.

Now that you have a deal on paper shop it around to all of the Toyota dealers in the area and even down into PA

I was going all of the way to Florida. I plan on going in June but I know these deals are currently end of moth deals so I tried to keep it to PA, NY and OH. Do you think its possible to negotiate any part of this to get it lower? Thank you all for the advice!

Anything is negotiable…it’s finding the dealer willing to play ball that is a challenge.

Is this Fucillo? there are quite a few in the area. YSend them the quote you got and tell them you need to be at 10% off and you will walk in and sign today

No this is a Batavia dealership.

Sign that deal. Looks great especially the Residual. For those that say buy, I disagree as that’s why the payment is low #1, and #2 4runners are extremely behind the curve in gas mileage and technology so who knows how sought after they are in 2-3 years.

4wheel Drive in Buffalo NY, These trucks have held there value year after year…Especially in this region. Good luck finding a used one here, these and Subaru.

You should see if Northtown Toyota can offer the same discount but do the lease through Bethpage FCU. You’ll have a lower monthly payment and a MUCH better deal structure.

Bethpage’s 36mo 10k RV is 73% (goes down to 72% on 5/1) but their MF is only 0.00170 for 700+. Ally has a RV of 78% (I expect this to go down 1-2pts on 5/1) but they have a MF of 0.00270, unless the dealer is marking it up.

Your payments will be much lower through Bethpage (~$15 when you don’t cap taxes, I didn’t run the numbers for a 1st mo payment DAS scenario) but the real benefit is that your RV will be $1900 less so there will be a much higher probability of hitting positive equity at the end of the lease and being able to trade out of it instead of just turning it in.

Plus, a lease through Bethpage comes with a $1k wear and tear waiver at no additional charge.

So much of the conversations on this forum center around payment only but not all leases contracts and deal structures are created equal when the payments are close.


Regarding that positive equity potential, the current price on a 3yo 16MY 4Runner SR5 4WD with 30,000 miles is $28,200 in the NE in good condition. It is unlikely 3yo 39k mike 4Runner prices will go up so this Ally lease at the end of the term will be somewhere in the range of 1500-2000 in negative equity. So guaranteed that you will have to ride it to the end of term and turn it back in to Ally to take the loss on it. That’s why they charge so much in interest.

Ally owns SmartAuction so they don’t pay any seller fees like other lenders do when they liquidate through auctions so this is all a part of their business model.

I encourage everyone leasing any SUV, truck or minivan from Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Chrysler, Jeep, Ram or Dodge to try to understand the deal strucuture on each lender’s lease program that you can choose between. And see how the RV lines up with potential wholesale values to determine if there is a chance of positive equity.


Awesome feedback here…how did you figure out the MF and RV through Ally and Bethpage?

This is a very, very good deal. Discount on the 4Runner isn’t anything crazy but that residual is very high helping you get to a low payment. Toyota typically doesn’t offer anything on leasing these trucks in terms of MF or lease cash, the bank giving you that high a residual is huge. You can shop around if you like but in my opinion you have the vehicle you want at a great price and if you’re happy with the store so far just go for it!

How can anyone opine on this deal without knowing the tax rate or the MF?

New York generally has high tax rate the combination of state and county, I’m guessing around 8.75-9 for Buffalo which she says is included along with any fees or start up costs. And if you just back in to the deal with what toyota offers and comparing that with the going rate for 4Runner leases.

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