Is this a good deal? 2025 Audi Q7 Premium Plus


2025 Audi Q7 Premium Plus 45 TFSI Quattro
Location: Florida

MSRP: 72.5K
Zero Down
36 months
15K miles/year.
Monthly: $1020

Good deal for that monthly? No.

Good deal on this car? Depends, what are the incentives, what are the MF, RV, etc. being used. What is your tax rate? How much dealership discount did you get? Where is your calculator?

You can get a much better lease on a 3-row SUV in the Marketplace

If the Q7 is the only car you’d drive then you’re better off financing it instead of $36,000+ on one lease and starting over with $0 equity and then another $36,000+ on your next lease.

Typo? I presume you’re referring to a Q7

Yes. Q7. Just edited it.

As another said, not good for the monthly but maybe okay for the car if that’s all you’d drive. Think of all the cars you could lease for a cool $1,000/month then you tell us. I’d rather have a much cooler car. But if this is it for you, then go forth and be merry.