Is this a good deal? 2018 GMC Yukon Denali

Currently in a 2016 GMC Yukon Denali and love it. Looking to go to a 2018 and posting here to see if this is a good deal overall.

MSRP - $77,475
Purchase price - $67,328

Trade allowance - $47,000
Trade payoff - $48,617
Tax - $2,965

Final purchase price - $73,244

39 mos
15k miles
buy rate of .00213

Monthly cost with first payment down at $1108.

That does not look good (as a general rule).

MSRP of 77k and you are paying $1.1k/mo? That is about 1.4% of MSRP. The general rule is to be under 1%.

Even with your negative equity and taxes out of the equation it is still well over 1%.

At that price, it probably makes a lot more sense to just finance it. Are the changes between 2016 and 2018 really that substantial?

They’re not that different actually. I should probably just stay put and ride it out, unless I can sell my current Yukon outright. Just crossed 45k miles so guess I was thinking it would be a good time to get out of it.

They’re rather reliable IIRC. It probably makes sense to look into a GM extended warranty if you are concerned about repairs and being out of warranty (not sure what the bumper to bumper warranty is).

Honestly, I rarely keep a car more than 2-3 years and just getting the itch.

Can’t you get an Escalade for less a month? Hell, for that monthly fee I’d even consider an expedition or base navigator

Havent checked on that. Really love the Yukon Denali over pretty much any large SUV in the marketplace. Even at buy rate money factor, the effective APR seems really high.

I’ll be in the market for a full sized suv soon. I think the new navigator is by far the best on the market. But when value is considered, I may wind up going the qx80 route or Escalade if there’s a good deal on a demo model. Yukons are great, but pricey for how old and common they are

I’ve read reviews that say the new navigator is the best suv available outside of the Bentley.

There was a thread earlier in the summer of a sub-$500 qx80 (with MSDs). I would look to hack that as opposed to pay >$1k on a Yukon.

Would moving from a 2016 to a 2018 of the same model successfully scratch the vehicle change itch, if nothing had changed between the two?

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45K miles is pretty used. A new Denali is going to drive and feel a lot tighter and smell better! Shiny paint. And there have been some modest but notable changes to the Denali in 3 years time.
But $1100 per month? No thank you.

Different perspectives I guess. My daily driver just hit 191k so 45k sounds like its still in adolescence.

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I pay 699/mos for my ‘16 SLT with 18k miles for 39 mos. that’s way too much! We have 55400 miles with 7 pymt left.