Is this '24 M3 Tesla lease a good deal?

Got this email from Tesla - So Calif.

Strange wording: “…Lease upgraded Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive starting at $216 per month* after estimated gas savings”.

Fine print says $299/month lease before gas savings.

$2999 down.

I saw this too. I hate their stupid gas savings being included in the advertised price nonsense.

I would have considered it after looking at the real numbers but insurance quote was $100 more a month than I pay now. Not sure if there is a universally good place to get insurance for Teslas but it way too expensive and ruins any “gas savings”.

I also continuously hear horror stories of any damage you have taking absolutely forever to get in for repairs

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So really more like $450/mo with $5000 das after taxes, fees, and getting rid of the made up savings theyre pulling out of their ass. Sounds like a bad deal compared to all the other fantastic ev deals right now thatll save you $5-10k over this.


Exactly! Tesla needs to do better!

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Better to get the IONIQ 5/6/EV 6 top trims for a similar payment. Ariya is better too as long as you don’t road trip.

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