Is there value on SwapaLease

Are most leases on Swapalease (or equivalent) bad leases? Are there good swaps to be found or are most people trying to get out of a trap? After reading this site, I can’t imagine going over there would be a worthwhile exercise. Please delete if this has been asked and answered?

I’d say most are pretty bad by LH standards, but you can come across some decent deals. Sometimes people need to get out of their lease so they offer a huge incentive, and other times they put a massive amount down when they signed but don’t ask for any of it back. The good deals on there do go quickly, though. Bear in mind that you’ll have to pay transfer and registration fees, and depending on where you live, you might have to pay tax again as well.

It’s a mixed bag. You definitely have to sort through some losers to find a winner.

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So you couldn’t take 5 minutes to look at a few cars you’re interested in?

You needed to create a thread here for people to tell you whether to look at a website

Just trying to get some educated opinions man. I’m not an expert and I’d rather spend a few minutes asking than trying to make an inexperienced judgment. Why look for a needle if there isn’t one there.