Is there absolutely any way to buy out your lease after grounding your car?

I know this may seem a silly situation to some… but my lease was up and I returned it… but literally a day or so after I was having major regrets and second thoughts about the car and contacted Ally and my dealership but was told that my car is grounded so it won’t be possible. In anyone’s experience… is there absolutely any way to reverse this and still be able to buy out your lease?

Car; Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018
Bank: Ally
Mileage 23000
Buyout price $31k

EDIT: I didn’t sign an odometer slip or anything like that.



Nothing to add other than they did you a favor.


Hah, what makes you say that?

Do you have the VIN?

Did the dealer you returned it to resell it?

Someone with a Manheim login might be able to :face_with_monocle::eyes:


Every Alfa (or Fiat or Maserati) will eventually leave you for the AAA driver. Every damn time.


I do have the VIN.

The car is still at the dealership… they don’t want to buy it so the car is going up for auction.

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Did you ask the used car manager how much they want for it at auction?

Car was running pretty smoothly… but ahh who knows! You’re probably right.

It’s at auction by the bank … and not the dealership

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If they can CPO and warranty for a nominal fee, might be worth it.

Should I ask the dealership that or Ally?

I would call Ally and see if it’s not too late to buy it. If not then ask the dealer what they would charge to cpo it (otherwise just buy it from Ally - if they let you).

They’re right, you dodged a bullet. Who’s going to buy this car from you for any reasonable amount of money in a few years?

And CPO is only as good as the dealer network. What’s the probability you’ll have a dealer network competing for your service work in a few years? Having only 1 is close to useless if they act like a local monopoly. Ofc 0 would be worse.

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I was just discussing doing something like this when my lease is up next year.

Turn it in, give my brother the VIN and have him buy it on Manheim (he works for a dealer), and then go pick it up wherever it is and do the paperwork to buy it from his dealership.

Judging from how this particular model is stocked new locally, there isn’t much demand for the RWD version… so I’m pretty certain if I turn it in in Ohio it’ll end up going to auction.

I know from browsing Manheim that some of BMW’s vehicles are only available to BMW dealers… would need to confirm details on that before taking action.

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I’m sure there’s no shortage of Giulias and stelvios used with low milage for that price if you want to buy one. I don’t recommend it like many others also have said here. For $31k I would find a more reliable used car…


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