Is the leasehackr calculator broken?

Hello, is the lease calculator on this website broken/wrong? It’s getting way lower numbers than other websites or calculations I use.

I’m guessing user error.

Go use and then use this websites calculator using the same numbers.

That Edmund’s calculator doesn’t make sense. Where do you even put the MSRP? Is it calculating the RV based on the cap cost?

The MSRP doesn’t mean anything on calculating your lease payment?

Are you asking me or telling me that MSRP doesn’t matter?

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Telling you. You don’t need to know the MSRP to calculate a lease payment.

Uhh, then how do you calculate the RV?

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The residual value isn’t based on MSRP, but the sale price.

Like I previously said, user-error.


This website even tells you it doesn’t… go read this page. Also, same with edmunds.

You go read it again


You’re right. I’m sorry.

I’m confused then why Edmunds doesn’t include MSRP…

Someone wants to school @Jon on how to calculate a lease


You are getting soft, Jon LOL

They call that the PIB CAC error.

(Problem is between chair and computer).

Or the ID 10 T error.

(Look at it close enough…you’ll figure it out :slight_smile: )

lol :frowning: sorry!