Is The Hyundai Kona N Leasing or Financing Well Right Now?

Located in the Oklahoma/Texas area. Randomly drove a Kona N this week and actually love the car minus the more plain interior compared to my BMW. I’ve searched and don’t see this particular trim mentioned much on here. Does anyone know how these are leasing? I’m seeing some dealers that have them under MSRP 60+ days when searching CarGurus.

The Kona N is less desirable so it’s been languishing on dealer lots. Also it’s more compromised from a handling perspective and I think the Elantra has a bigger and nicer interior.

That being said if your heart is set on the Kona work whatever discount you can and finance it. It doesn’t look like there’s any good Hyundai rebates or finance rates. They’re offering 5.9% to 72 months but you might be able to beat that with a credit union. Check the credit union thread in the Wiki sub forum.

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On a corporate strategy level, Hyundai just doesn’t seem to believe in leasing as a way to gain market share.

They are now running lots of ads to promote 0% and 0.9% APRs on cars such as Elantra and Tucson. So they are willing to subsidize consumers but only to those financing their cars.

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Kona N appears to have 5.99% up to 60 mos right now but that’s it. Nothing too crazy. There’s a $500 first responder discount that I’d qualify for but that’s the only rebate or incentive I’m really seeing.

Will also go check out the Credit Union Sub Forum.

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